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Visually oriented, dancer    and  a team player.

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Hello! I am Debanjana. I transform complex problems into efficient solutions using system thinking, visual design and rapid prototyping creating meaningful interactions. I believe in equitable access of information and education with technology to fulfill the integrity, consistency and quality of human needs.

I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree in Interaction Design at California College of the Arts and will be graduating in December 2020. 

Before this, I helped improve TinyOwl's food discovery and payment experience; I designed multiple experience strategy visions for Adobe including DirecTV, Porsche and Fifa which led to successful deals of over $25 million.

Aside from this I love to dance (I am trained in 12 dance forms), cooking is my stress buster, I dig piano classics, Jamini Roy’s paintings, and I care deeply about the future of information and education.


I’m based out of San Francisco, but originally hail from the cultural capital of India, Calcutta

How did I evolve  my design lenses?

People, cultures, new experiences and challenges have been my constant source of learning and growth. 

Leading Womenocity @Adobe - a platform with a core foundation to serve all the women employees and provide an active community to voice their thoughts and build individualisation.

Being a woman in Computing fellow at Grace Hopper Celebration 2018.

Presenting in the field of Media & Entertainment at Adobe Summit 2018

Volunteering at Make A Difference to teach under privileged children to help them realize their true potential.

You can learn more about how I evolved my design lenses here

In the meantime, please enjoy my portfolio, filled with a bunch of work that I completed recently. In other words, as you visit my work, you’re going back in time :) 


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