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Hi, Im Debanjana. Currently designing next-generation  Conversational AI for LivePerson. 

I have worked with some of the best companies


Selected projects

5 handpicked projects across 5 industries

connect anchor

Enriching the payment experience to facilitate quick + convenient food ordering.

Mobile Interface

Experience design

How can data provide a curated, personalized experience for LVMh customers in real time?

Vision Strategy

Feature Design

A smart connected system with regular monitoring and controlling of Psoriasis.


Internet of things



An immersive experience to bridge the gap between learning and achievement in American high schools.


A strategic vision to strengthen the airline's digital footprint with personalisation.

Vision Strategy

Ecosystem design

About me

I strive to bring creativity and a humanistic perspective to my process 

and discover its intrinsic properties

to frame delightful experience.

My 14 years of training developed my eye for detail and system thinking. Continuous practice resonates with  iteration for effective evolution.

 Aligned with purpose

+profit driven design.

With my extensive experience working with engineers, digital strategists, and marketing teams, I know how to align user needs with business goals.

Product Designer with an agile mindset focusing on meaningful digital experience. 

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