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TinyOwl Website

Food ordering on web



TinyOwl was India's first hyperlocal food delivery platform. Even though our primary focus was mobile first experience, with increase in demand among the target audience, desktop platform was created to order food conveniently. Tinyowl was known for its simple food delivery experience and we wanted to translate the same in the web platform. 

My Role

Foundational and evaluative research, system design and visual design.


  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator


4 weeks

Most projects started with open-ended briefs and gave enough room for exploration. In extreme ambiguity, customer insights became the guiding light. Empathy with customers is the key and I think it may not always happen sitting behind the glass walls of an office building.

The interesting thing about the design process is that each time it's different. The key to a successful project is the right combination of process tools.

Ambiguous situations made me vulnerable, but, seeking for help was always a good idea. Creating a structure for self allowed me to stay inspired. 

At TinyOwl, I learned to embrace ambiguity, collaborate openly and conduct patiently.  


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