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Khel Ki Pathshala

An Indian Government initiative

KKP01 – 2.png


Khel Ki Pathshala program is an initiative by the Government of India with the goal of easy admission for the children of India into the world of sports. The program reflects the spirit of sports and beginning of a digital expereince around sports recruiting in India. I designed the website experience including the recruitment forms and profile pages. 

My Role

Research- primary and secondary, synthesis + insights, ideation, wireframing and prototyping,

visual design and system design. 


  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • After Effects

  • Keynote


3 weeks



We wanted our users to have a preview into the world of sports and create connection amongst the users.



Customers get immediate access to explore and connect with their preferred sports activities by easy registration. The quick form feature helps users build an association with their contacts and easy recall.

A website to facilitate a connection into the world and reach of sports for the future of India.

Quick registration

An information architecture initiated clarity in designing the web form.

Profile screens

Designing marketer's experience

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